School Advising

Wonder instills in children a love of learning. An environment that supports and nurtures their innate sense of curiosity is critical to children’s growth and development. The School Search Group will help parents discover the optimal learning environment for their children from preschool through high school within a community abounding in educational choices. First hand experience and many years of expertise in educational programs allows School Search Group to offer a unique concept in school selection. Our approach is objective, professional and sensitive to the needs of children and their parents. We are committed to match children with a school where they can excel academically, realize their talents and discover new worlds of knowledge.

Our clients are families

  • with children in preschool through twelfth grade
  • considering elementary school selection following preschool
  • seeking a different learning environment for their child
  • new to the area, seeking school options including, private, parochial, and public
  • considering boarding school placement

We work together to

  • discover a student’s distinctive profile through interviews, testing, transcripts & teacher reports
  • identify academic interests and personal talents
  • define learning needs through educational testing
  • navigate through all phases of the admissions process
  • communicate with schools in reference to the student’s character and capabilities
  • handle the logistics of determining openings, setting appointments and forwarding documents

Other services include

  • workshops for parents, teachers or administrators
  • individualized admission testing for schools
  • consulting/training in admission procedures and testing
  • feasibility studies for schools considering expansion
  • guidance in seeking alternative educational experiences worldwide